How does it differ from other rugby headgear?

N-Pro may look like other rugby headgear, but it performs very differently. Current head guards are designed to prevent cuts, abrasions and “cauliflower ears”; they only provide minimal impact protection.

  • N-Pro has been scientifically proven to reduce the G-Force impact transferred to a player's head
  • No other head guard on the market has adopted an evidence-based approach to product design, or been tested to this extent
  • N-Pro has a replaceable chin strap, another first for rugby head guards

As part of N-Pro’s product design process, in addition to addressing its primary function in relation to reducing head trauma, we consulted with both professional and amateur players regarding usability issues to ensure that N-Pro would also be user-friendly product.

Too hot N-Pro uses a combination of moisture wicking fabrics and air flow channels to ensure superior ventilation
Adversely affecting hearing Ear openings which have been specially designed to optimise acoustics
Poor fit/uncomfortable to wear Two levels of adjustment, at the back of the head and in the chin-strap, allow the player to custom-fit the product
Hygiene/cleanliness All the components have been anti-bacterial treated to stop odours and bacteria forming in the product
Size cm
MC: Medium Child 51cm
LC: Large Child 53cm
S: Small Adult 55cm
M: Medium Adult 57cm
L: Large Adult 59cm

Place a measuring tape around the head at eyebrow level, and measure the circumference of the head.

Choose which size is suitable for you from the table above.

If your head circumference is between sizes, select the larger size.

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