N-Pro headguards have been designed to reduce the risk of injury in Rugby and AFL players by efficiently managing head impact energy. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a term used to describe a broad spectrum of injury ranging from mild to severe, which includes repetitive brain trauma (RBT), occurring from the accumulation of sub-concussive impacts to the head. N-Pro has the capability to reduce both the incidence and severity of RBT by specifically managing head impact energy.

Utilising our cutting edge defentex™ impact management technology, N-Pro is designed to reduce the G-Force energy transferred to a player’s head during impact; one of the major factors in sports-induced brain injury. Our N-Pro head guard manages G-Force impact energy through its multi-layer construction, providing the player with an extra level of protection from injury.

The Rugby Football Union revealed in its 2016-17 injury audit that concussion had been identified as the most common match injury for a sixth successive season, with 89% of them occurring during matches. 19% of all injuries to the ball carrier and 43% of injuries to the tackler were concussions.

Concussion is a subset of TBI and is often referred to as a “mild” traumatic brain injury (mTBI). N-Pro has been designed to help reduce the incidence and severity of injuries, by actively managing head impacts.

No product can claim to protect you from injury 100%. However, we have tested this product extensively, both in the laboratory and in match scenarios, to ensure that N-Pro can reduce your risk of sustaining a brain injury. To date, we have achieved unprecedented scientific results to demonstrate the product's safety and effectiveness.

Answered simply – the areas of the head it covers. The occipital, parietal, temporal, frontal, mastoid and sphenoid regions of the skull. It does not protect the neck, face or jaw regions.

N-Pro head protection has been designed to be used by sports players at all levels. Children and adults, professionals and amateurs, males and females, backs & forwards, in AFL, Rugby Union or Rugby League.

Brain injuries are extremely serious and need to be managed correctly by medical professionals. We strongly advise that any player feeling unwell during or after a game should seek medical assistance immediately.

N-Pro has been designed and tested to medical device standards. This means that our product is extensively tested, and our results have been independently examined by relevant experts to ensure that the product is safe and meets internationally recognised requirements.

To date, N-Pro has undergone comprehensive bench testing to validate its safety and ensure that it meets internationally recognised device requirements. In addition, our product has been used in a randomised, controlled pre-clinical study, which examined both neuro cognitive behaviour and neurological blood biomarkers. This study demonstrated a significant reduction in TBI indicators. We have also completed a pilot player study with rugby players at Ulster Academy to further validate the data.

We undertook a player study with Ulster Academy. The results have been very positive, from a performance and a scientific perspective. Players fed back that the product did not affect their peripheral vision and that it felt more comfortable and premium than standard head guards. Player’s brain activity (EEG) and bloods were also analysed to confirm that the N-Pro could provide protective effects at a clinical level. The study was designed to validate the N-Pro’s safety and usability and was independently conducted by Ulster University. The results are currently being analysed by an independent biostatistical company. Preliminary results (from individual player case studies) indicate that the N-Pro can confer protective effects to the user. Contego will continue to monitor these trends as per their post-market surveillance responsibilities.

CE marking is a mandatory conformity marking for certain products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1985. The CE marking is the manufacturer's declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

N-Pro may look like other rugby headgear or scrum caps, but it performs very differently. Current head guards and scrum caps are designed to prevent cuts, abrasions and “cauliflower ears”; they only provide minimal impact protection.

  • N-Pro Rugby and AFL headgear has been scientifically proven to reduce the G-Force impact transferred to a player's head
  • No other head guard on the market has adopted an evidence-based approach to product design, or been tested to this extent
  • All N-Pro components have been anti-bacterial treated to minimise bacteria and odours
  • N-Pro has a replaceable chin strap, another first for rugby head guards

As part of N-Pro’s product design process, in addition to addressing its primary function in relation to reducing head trauma, we consulted with both professional and amateur players regarding usability issues to ensure that N-Pro would also be user-friendly product.

Issue N-Pro design feature
Too hot N-Pro uses a combination of moisture wicking fabrics and air flow channels to ensure superior ventilation
Adversely affecting hearing Ear openings which have been specially designed to optimise acoustics
Poor fit/uncomfortable to wear Two levels of adjustment, at the back of the head and in the chin-strap, allow the player to custom-fit the product
Hygiene/cleanliness All the components have been anti-bacterial treated to stop odours and bacteria forming in the product

N-Pro should be replaced 30 months after the purchase date. But just like any piece of safety equipment, it should be inspected before use; if you notice any problem with the product it should not be worn, and should be replaced immediately.

Yes, it can be worn by all ages. The developing brains in children and adolescents are more susceptible to mild traumatic brain injury than adult brain. Therefore, it is essential that any headgear worn by children can manage the energy from head impacts effectively.

Medium - Child Large - Child Small - Adult Medium - Adult Large - Adult
51cm 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm

Individuals with pre-existing neurological conditions (e.g epilepsy, pre-existing brain trauma or history of concussions) should consult with a doctor before using N-Pro.

If a concussion or brain injury is suspected, you should seek immediate medical attention.

The product is manufactured in the UK.

At present, N-Pro is only available in one colour scheme. As the product is a medical device, we must test any new colour combinations before they can be launched. However, we intend launching new colour schemes during 2018.

N-Pro is available in 5 sizes: MC - Medium Child, LC - Large Child, S - Small Adult, M - Medium Adult, L - Large Adult

Place a measuring tape around the head at eyebrow level, and measure the circumference of the head. Choose which size is suitable for you from the table below. If your head circumference is between sizes, select the larger size

Medium - Child Large - Child Small - Adult Medium - Adult Large - Adult
51cm 53cm 55cm 57cm 59cm
Size cm
MC: Medium Child 51cm
LC: Large Child 53cm
S: Small Adult 55cm
M: Medium Adult 57cm
L: Large Adult 59cm

Place a measuring tape around the head at eyebrow level, and measure the circumference of the head.

Choose which size is suitable for you from the table above.

If your head circumference is between sizes, select the larger size.

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